‘Say No to Corruption’ (FIR Awareness)

Under a program called “Say No To Corruption”, Transparency International Pakistan started a series of workshops aimed at curbing corruption within the police department. These workshops also aspire to build bridges between the citizen and the police.

We have targeted this department due to following reasons:

1. According to the National Corruption Perception Survey (NCPS) 2010, the police department was perceived to be the most corrupt department in the country.

2. Keeping in view the current law and order situation of the country, we think that a strong relationship between the citizens and the police department will certainly be very helpful.

3. ALAC receives considerable number of complaints against the police. There is also a perception that many complaints against the police are not reported.

This program was first introduced in Toba Tek Singh with the help of our TNN Punjab Coordinator and in collaboration with the police department. The following are the details of the different workshops held under this programme:

1. Introducing the programme in Toba Tek Singh

2. Saddar police station, Gojra

3. Saddar police station, Kamaliya

4. Nawan Lahore police station, Gojra